Romeo and Juliet were not injured by truck driver

An 18-year-old's girl's parents did not approve of her relationship with a 16-year-old boy and attempted to separate them by sending her to live with with family in another city.  The loving pair could not stand to be separated.  Unfortunately for them, neither one of them had a vehicle, nor even a license to drive.  What could they do?

Not to be denied, they hatched a plan to rescue the damsel-in-distress.  Boyfriend waited for his mother to go to bed, grabbed her keys, and silently backed the family car out of the driveway shortly after midnight.  A few hours later, he arrived at the his girlfriend's captors' house where he helped her slip out a window and they made their escape.  

On the way back to their home city, at about 4:30 AM, tired, and mostly likely impaired from the bowl of marijuana he had recently smoked, our unlicensed, inexperienced "Romeo" get-away driver attempted to pass a truck-and-trailer combination on a busy freeway in the early morning pre-dawn traffic. Misjudging the distance between the vehicles, he glanced off the truck, spun a few times and came to rest against the center divider in the freeway's fast lane.  Our "Juliet" had her seat leaned back attempting to sleep and did not see what happened.  

Now motionless, in the dark, and in the fast lane of heavy traffic, the disabled vehicle was struck by another who could not avoid them, spinning them around once again.  Miraculously, Romeo was uninjured. Juliet struck her head on something on the inside of the vehicle and may have lost consciousness.  She was so shaken up and disoriented, she did not know what  other injuries she may have suffered.

The CHP officer investigating the accident arrested Romeo for driving without a license and suspicion of driving under the influence of cannabis.  He was later released to his mother.  Juliet was taken by ambulance to a nearby teaching hospital which conducted extensive tests to be sure she did not suffer from any intercranial damage.  She was cleared and allowed to go home to her family.  

Juliet brought a claim against her boyfriend, the truck driver, and the driver who struck the disabled car.  Because of her initial hospitalization and testing, her medical expenses and claimed damages were significant.  After extensive discovery was conducted, boyfriend and the other driver settled with the young woman for their policy limits.  

Jonz Norine, convinced plaintiff to dismiss her case in exchange for a de minimus settlement amount in order to avoid a trial that would likely have resulted in a defense verdict.